Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sailing through yet another year.

Indeed! Almost a year has passed since I open this blog - to critical acclaim might I add. All three or four of my friends from high school thoroughly enjoyed the little inside jokes. It's unclear as to whether or not anyone else has run into me here. Kind of like typing to the vast expanse of the ocean stretching out into the blackness of night supporting only the silky curtain of the moon's sister near an unobservable horizon.

It's getting close to that time of year where I go back to Salt Lake and re-coup for a week or so - I guess you could say it's me getting my bearings in this ocean. Although I don't expect to find much this time around the whole world seems lost in chaos, and since I'm actually enjoying sailing without a map I think I'll continue on!

The end of the year is almost upon us, that's where I was going with this, and I've been taking stock in what I've accomplished. (because sometimes you feel like you're really lazy and then you start making a list and suddenly you wonder why the hell you haven't taken a vacation because you must be some sort of sadistic bastard to just keep pushing yourself like this...even thought you know that you're going to have to do a whole lot more than this next year!)
So let's add it up - what I can remember of it all; the year began with me designing a body painting for Ochki, it's still sitting in my sketchbook waiting to turn into something but the fact that it hasn't happened yet is nobodies fault. Next would have been the Troubadour Posters (my favorite pictured above) these were a lot of fun because I got to work with Devona Lang who is very good about letting me do my thing no matter how much I beg for direction! I wish her luck in Seattle in her new ventures and hope that the velvet Morrisey happens sooner than later, she will be missed.
As I look through my book trying to figure out what I did next I realize that I have been trying to get a business card finished all year but I keep getting side tracked... might be time to pay someone else to do it!
Photo shoots happened next, the first one I still haven't gotten pictures from... I should work on that.
The Pajama Jam was a lot of fun, I brought my little brother in for it just because I wanted him to see the craziness of a Thursday night in Vegas. I was hired to do body painting for the crowd, I had a couple of models that I was setup to paint and then started gathering from the crowd. I had a great time doing this project and I can't wait to do more!
More photo shoots followed, filling my spare time in the summer months. I got some good portfolio pieces, nothing that I would call spectacular makeup but some really stunning photo's.

More recently I have been concentrating on the body painting aspect of things - trying to get better paintings with better photos. I did a commission piece for Olga Pikenko, an aerialist with Verikai, I did a nice floral painting on her belly shortly before she gave birth to the newest addition of the circus family. It was really one of the best experiences painting I've had, the baby would respond to the different techniques and move and kick as I was painting - it was kind of cool.

My next project was to turn a design I did last year into a body painting - "Wings" as I'm calling it for now turned out really well. A thank you to Erica Jones is in order for agreeing to model for me and for finding a photographer I really enjoy working with.

The last month or two has been spent doing some t-shirt designs (more projects for Devona) and getting myself a shop setup where I can hopefully get my art out to more people. If you're interested I've only got two things for sale right now but more are coming; here's the link: See my gallery at Zazzle it's a little cheezy still but give me time I'll cool it up soon.

I've got two more projects in the works this year, with any luck I'll have them done soon and you can all enjoy what I'm trying to create.
So until next time...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello all and welcome to my blog.
Come in, sit down, and enjoy a bracing shot of absinthe.

Here I shall post the ramblings of my mind - where ever it may wander during my hour break in-between shows. For those of you who don't already know, I'm currently working in Las Vegas as a makeup artist for the Cirque du Soleil - a lovely little French Canadian company bent on world domination. I spent my free time doing body makeup, painting, sculpting, photo shoots, and every once in a while I sleep.

I'd like to write more but my show is about to start so this seems a good place to leave off. I shall blog more completly soon.